Wm. Leonard & Co. relies on its reputation in the community to attract new clients. In fact, we wouldn't have it any other way. Our testimonials below are linked to additional information about how Wm. Leonard & Co. has helped companies just like yours. 

Hughes Telematics
"Wm. Leonard & Co. was able to find us a larger space in one of the best Class A buildings in the area, with more upgrades, and better access to amenities, all at a lower rate. They did their job so we could do ours."
  — Jeff Leddy, Chief Executive Officer

EnerGov Solutions
"Wm. Leonard & Co.'s knowledge of the Atlanta office market and years of relationships with landlords enabled us to get a much better deal than we expected."
  — Mark Beverly, EnerGov Solutions

“Wm. Leonard & Co. helped ISS several times, and they have maintained a relationship with me over the years.  They were there to help us when we started Kaneva, and they have already represented us through three moves in just four years...”
  — Christopher Klaus, CEO  

“Wm. Leonard & Co. found us a perfect place at a great price and met our time schedule – exactly.”
  — Patrick Taylor, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Surgical Information Systems
"When we saw this space we knew immediately it was a perfect fit.  It just screamed the right culture."  
  — Bruce Duner, Chief Financial Officer

The National Christian Foundation
Wm. Leonard & Co. structured our lease with significant free rent on the front-end .…”
  — David H. Wills, President

It pays to have a smart, experienced partner – like Wm. Leonard & Co. – to help you navigate.…”
  — Glenn McGonnigle, General Partner

“When you're growing as fast as we are, office space can be a challenge, but Wm. Leonard & Co. helped us all the way.” 
  — Ron L. Hollis, President and Chief Executive Officer


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