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“When you're growing as fast as we are, office space can be a challenge, but Wm. Leonard & Co. helped us all the way.”

Ronald L. Hollis, Ph.D.,
President and CEO

The faster a product development organization can prove its design for a new product by building a prototype, the faster it can bring its product to market. Low volume manufacturing can be a costly stumbling block, but Quickparts has been successful at removing that obstacle for custom designed parts. The seven-year-old Atlanta firm has combined the speed of the Internet with in-depth knowledge of custom parts manufacturing to prepare accurate price quotes instantly and to deliver custom parts in low to moderate volumes within days.

Customers upload their design data to Quickparts, specify color and quantity, and receive an instant price quotation. Finished parts are typically delivered in two days or less. “We want to be the Home Depot of the custom parts market, making it easy to get an accurate quote, and easy to buy,” says Quickparts president and chief executive officer Ronald L. Hollis.

Strong demand for quick turnaround on custom parts has propelled Quickparts to revenue growth in excess of 30% per-year. A company growing that fast cannot afford to be tied to a long-term lease, or to pay a premium rate for more flexible terms. What Quickparts needed, as it began a search for larger quarters, was a lot of patience – and Wm. Leonard & Co.

Maintaining an environment that fosters productivity is important to Quickparts. “We’re an open organization and our office space has to reflect that, with a large open area that encourages communication by allowing people to come together easily, and in various ways,” Hollis says.

“We need room for our celebrations and recreation, but we also need conference rooms, and space for our Quickparts Library, and Quickparts University,” Hollis continues. "Wm. Leonard & Co. demonstrated patience before, during, and after assisting Quickparts with each of two lease negotiations."

Quickparts was founded in Huntsville, Alabama, but moved to Atlanta to gain better access to funding, transportation, and talent. It set up shop in Class C space that sufficed for its first four years. “Wm. Leonard & Co. read an article about us and called us to introduce themselves,” Hollis recalls. Quickparts engaged Wm. Leonard & Co. to search for office space in 2004, and again in 2007.

“When you’re growing as fast as we are, office space can be a challenge, but Wm. Leonard & Co. helped us all the way, from the search, through the negotiations, to move-in. They assisted with the sale of unneeded furniture and with procurement of new furniture.

“Some brokers care only about closing the deal. Wm. Leonard & Co. didn’t have to help us outside the box, but they are very good at doing that, and we appreciate their help. I recommend them strongly.”

“Quickparts has been successful at creating a corporate culture that encourages innovation, and they needed space that supports their culture – at desirable terms,” says Wm. Leonard & Co. associate broker Doug Legg. “We showed them several properties that met their criteria and worked with them during the negotiating process. It helped that they knew what they wanted and were able to move quickly when the timing was right.”

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