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“Wm. Leonard & Co. found us a perfect place at a great price and met our time schedule – exactly.”

Patrick Taylor
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

As the former head of strategic marketing for Internet Security Systems (ISS), Patrick Taylor knew how to protect information systems from hackers, but he also knew that thwarting attacks from outside the firewall solved only half the problem. Organizations remain vulnerable to errors, misuse of resources and other inappropriate behavior by insiders.

To solve those problems, Taylor formed Oversight Systems. In its first year, the firm raised venture capital, developed and delivered its first continuous monitoring system, and pioneered a new industry. In the process, Oversight grew from a team of four to more than 30. To continue growing, it needed new space, and Taylor turned to Wm. Leonard & Co.

In Oversight Systems’ early days, Taylor and his colleagues interviewed nearly 100 CEOs and CFOs in public companies to learn at first hand the problems executives face in achieving good corporate governance – ensuring that without exception, authorized people perform authorized activities. Leveraging in-depth corporate auditing experience and applying artificial intelligence principles, Oversight developed continuous monitoring (CM) products and services that encompass auditing and monitoring of both transactions and controls. Oversight’s prestigious customer list – a testimony to the importance of its solutions – includes McDonald’s, American Electric Power, and the United Nations, among others.

Oversight quickly moved from temporary space in Gray Ventures offices to the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech. Taylor says Oversight benefited significantly from its ATDC experience.

“The combination of right-sized, affordable space; the services they provide, and the availability of other entrepreneurs, as well as their staff for exchanging ideas make the ATDC a great place to get a company started,” he notes.

When Oversight System's growth accelerated and the time came for the company to establish its own  identity, Wm. Leonard & Co. was ready to help.  Taylor was introduced to Wm. Leonard & Co. by Tom Noonan, CEO of ISS, and became familiar with them through their involvement in community associations such as the Technology Executives Roundtable (TER).

“Wm. Leonard & Co. knew of our company while we were at the ATDC.” Taylor recalls. They were aware of how fast we were growing, and they let us know that they were able and willing to help us whenever we needed them.”

As a fast-growing company, Oversight Systems needed flexible lease terms that would give it room to expand and not force the firm to commit to more space than it needed. Strategic use of their cash was critical, and with significant new business to serve,  Taylor and his team could not afford the distraction of a prolonged search for office space, lengthy lease negotiations, or the detailed planning required for relocation.

“In a perfect world, we wanted space that was ready to move in, completely furnished, built-out to our needs, so all we had to do was plug our computers into an existing network infrastructure. We wanted it to be convenient for our current employees, and we wanted the space at a great price,” Taylor says.

“What we wanted in a perfect world was what we got, thanks to Wm. Leonard & Co. They found us a perfect place at a great price, and they met our time schedule exactly.”

Taylor says the furnished Class A space that Oversight Systems now occupies “creates a positive impression when companies and partners come to visit. It was exactly what we needed.

“Wm. Leonard & Co. worked very hard to give us a good range of choices and prices.” Taylor continues. “There is a sense of hustle about them, and they really know the Atlanta real estate market; what we’re able to get, and how to get it for us. Throughout the whole negotiating process we were always comfortable that we were getting a fair shake. It was great to have them on our side.”

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